How to Use Report Builder in SQL Server 2005 - dummies

How to Use Report Builder in SQL Server 2005

By Andrew Watt

Part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Report Builder, a tool new in SQL Server 2005, enables information workers to create their own ad hoc business reports. Before an information worker can create a report in Report Builder, a developer (you) must create a report model in Business Intelligence Development Studio. Here’s how:

  1. Open Business Intelligence Development Studio.

  2. Choose File→New→Project.

    The New Project dialog box opens.

  3. Select Business Intelligence Projects in the left pane.

  4. Select Report Model Project in the right pane.

You then go on to select business data that the end user needs to design a report. The Visual Studio solution that you create is deployed to a Reporting Service server.

Users use Report Manager to access the Report Server. From Report Manager, the user clicks to download, install, and run Report Builder. In Report Builder, the information worker then manipulates a user-friendly representation of the report model to create table, matrix, or chart reports.

When you choose from the available report models, the Report Builder displays a design surface. You can drag items from the Explorer to the design surface to specify an ad hoc report. To view the report, click the Run Report button and the report is displayed.