How to Spawn Entities and Add Inventory Items to Your Minecraft Mods

By Sarah Guthals, Stephen Foster, Lindsey Handley

Minecraft modding gives you the ability to spawn entities and add inventory items that you might need. In the Inventory and Entity Commands badge set, you can find badges that show you how to spawn entities (for example, make creepers and cows appear) using drones and how to programmatically add objects to the inventory (make diamond swords or redstone appear).

Being able to spawn entities and add inventory items can be useful for preparing for nighttime in Survival mode in Minecraft or to protect yourself from other Minecraft players.

For example, you could create a tower and then use the drone to spawn a bunch of protective creepers around your tower.


And you could arm yourself before nightfall by giving yourself a diamond sword.

To be able to give yourself the item, change the name from Steve to your Minecraft username.