How to Make a Button to Play Sounds in MicroWorld EX - dummies

How to Make a Button to Play Sounds in MicroWorld EX

By Camille McCue

In MicroWorld EX you can play a sound once or repeatedly. If you create a horse racing program you would use a trotsound. Clicking the trot sound icon plays the sound you created just once, but you want to hear the sound of horses racing until one racer crosses the finish line.

Follow these steps to create a button to continue to play a sound until a designated end time. In this example, to play the trot sound until the race is over:

  1. From the toolbar, click the Create a Button button. Then click anywhere in the workspace.


  2. In the Button dialog box, fill in the following information:

    • Label: Type Trot in the Label field to name the button.

    • Instruction: Type trotsound (or any other sound you have created with your programs) in this field.

    • Do It: Select the Forever radio button.

    • Visible: Select this check box to leave the button visible.

    The dialog box for the horse race example looks like this:


  3. Click OK to close the Button dialog box.

    The Trot button is added to the workspace.

  4. Drag the button to reposition it at the top of the workspace, near the On Your Mark and Go! buttons you made previously.


  5. Click the Trot button to make sure the sound plays as expected. Click the button again to stop the playback.

    Note that the seth 90 command that set the heading of the Lane 1 horse is no longer needed in the Command Center. You can now remove the command.