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How to Direct Gamestar Mechanic Players to Your Games

If you don’t want to wait for people to play your games in Gamestar Mechanic, you have the tools to take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips to help you understand how to gain potential players and popularity while forming relationships and community in the process.

Keeping your games on the Game Alley main page

As soon as you publish a game, other players can see it in the New Games section of Game Alley, granting you the opportunity to gain many potential players immediately. However, your game can also appear in several other sections of Game Alley, which you can see by scrolling down the page. Each of these sections can increase your game’s popularity by showing it on the front page.

To keep players coming to your game, get your game listed in at least one of the sections on the front page of Game Alley. To do this, follow these suggestions:

  • Publish multiple games. The most direct way to keep your games in Game Alley is to publish more games. This strategy sometimes leads players to your workshop.

  • Aim for the Up and Coming Games section. Having your game in the Top Rated section is an outstanding feat, but that position is difficult to achieve and easy to lose. The Up and Coming Games section, geared toward relatively new games with good reviews, is a nice boost for popularity.

    New games with high star ratings are continually added to the Up and Coming Games section, so if you can garner a few good reviews from the start, you have a good chance to reach this section.

  • Strive for getting your games into the Featured Games and Challenge Winners sections. Though these sections are the most difficult to enter, they’re the most valuable tools for promoting your game. Here’s a description:

    • Featured Games generally update every week, but they sometimes take a few months to change. If you manage to get a game featured, a great achievement that usually entails getting an administrator to notice your game, you get a head start in popularity.

    • Challenge Winners is even better, and even more difficult to achieve, because it requires winning official game design contests.

    It is extremely difficult to get your games featured. If your game is particularly unique or well-balanced, the administrators could decide that it’s a good example and feature it. However, don’t be discouraged if your games don’t get featured (it’s often a matter of luck), and never waste the administrators’ time asking them to feature your games.

Leading players to your workshop

Game Alley is often an inconsistent way to gain plays. Gamestar Mechanic has so many designers that Game Alley can do little more than accommodate a few of their games at a time. To gain more plays beyond Game Alley, you need to direct players to all of your games at one time. Players tend to find you and your games when they

  • Play one of your games: A player who tries out one of your games and enjoys it is likely to click on your username to view your workshop or to check out the random selection of your games that’s displayed on the page.

  • Hear about you from other players: If you’re active in the Gamestar Mechanic community, other players notice you. Interest in your games can spread whenever you’re mentioned, favorited, or recommended. Players who favorite one of your games endorse it in their workshops, granting you a piece of their popularity and recommending you to other players.

  • Follow you: Players who are following you can see your new games in their news feeds as soon you publish them.

No matter what you do to get yourself recognized in the community, you’re adding an outlet by which players can link to your games. Follow these tips to help drive them toward your work:

  • Publish new games. When your game is on the front page of Game Alley for even a little while, players can see your games as gateways to your other works.

  • Review games. Your reviews contain a clickable username that links others to your workshop. When you write helpful reviews, users may sometimes link to your workshop to find out more about you as a person and designer.

  • Build connections. Simply interacting with others is a good way to find potential players. Building relationships based on mutual interests is beneficial to everyone, by providing interesting games and helpful reviews.