Active Directory Logical Design Checklist - dummies

Active Directory Logical Design Checklist

By Steve Clines, Marcia Loughry

Part of Active Directory For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Active Directory is part of a storage structure you design that provides organization of objects — like users, computers, groups, and an assortment of other objects — in your IT environment. Before you can implement Active Directory, you have to do some planning. Be sure to complete the following steps before creating domains and organizational units (OUs):

  1. Using the DNS namespace, identify and name the root domain.

  2. Determine whether a tree or a forest is appropriate for your organization.

  3. Determine whether you need additional domains.

  4. Consult your requirements and environment to decide which domain model is best for your needs and to decide whether you need additional child domains.

  5. Analyze business models and processes to determine which OU model is best for your needs.

  6. Determine who will administer each OU and the administrative rights they’ll need.

  7. Delegate the administrative privileges that the OU administrators need.

  8. Diagram the logical Active Directory structure.