What You Need to Build a Color Organ Circuit - dummies

What You Need to Build a Color Organ Circuit

By Doug Lowe

Other than the Velleman kit itself, most of the materials you need to build a color organ circuit can be purchased at your local RadioShack store or any other supplier of electronic components. The table lists all the materials you’ll need.

Quantity Description
1 Velleman MK110 Simple Onee Channel Light Organ kit
1 2-x-3-x-6-inch project box (RadioShack part 2701805)
1 20 mm PC board standoffs (package of 4, RadioShack part 2760195)
1 RCA-style phono jack (RadioShack part 2740346)
1 3/4-inch control knob (RadioShack part 274415)
1 Chassis-type fuse holder for 1-1/4-x-1/4-inch fuses (RadioShack part 2700739)
1 1 A, 250 V, fast-acting 1-1/4-x-1/4-inch fuse (RadioShack part 2701005)
1 3/8-inch 4-40 machine screw and nut (for mounting the fuse holder)
1 SPST rocker switch (RadioShack part 2750694)
2 3/8-inch grommets (RadioShack part 6403025)
2 Screw-on wire connectors (RadioShack part 6403057)
5 inches 20-gauge stranded hook-up wire
1 Indoor extension cord