Surveying the EHR Vendor Landscape - dummies

Surveying the EHR Vendor Landscape

By Trenor Williams, Anita Samarth

Part of Electronic Health Records For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Deciding on a vendor to set you up with an EHR (electronic health record) system calls for research. To know thyself (and thy practice), do a little recon and see which EHR vendors that other practices are using and why. Ask questions, and keep a running list of characteristics you hope to find in a vendor partner. Try these tactics:

  • Talk with your specialty society and see if they have tools to help narrow your choices or provide specific recommendations of an EHR or two.

  • Check with the hospitals in your area to see if they are either supporting one EHR or are planning their own implementation.

  • Discuss options with your local colleagues to see which EHR they are using, how they like it, and how they made their choice of EHR.