Working with Enabling Technologies as a Platform in Cloud Computing - dummies

Working with Enabling Technologies as a Platform in Cloud Computing

By Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Marcia Kaufman, Fern Halper

No matter what type of Platform as a Service (PaaS) you’re investigating, some technologies are needed to supplement these cloud computing platforms. There are too many emerging technologies or vendors to list. Instead, here are three companies and how they help enable PaaS.

Testing platforms in the cloud

Testing in the cloud is a very critical; however, most platforms don’t provide their own testing environment. Therefore, you might want to look at the various options on the market.

Hundreds of vendors, big and small, provide services to test cloud-based platforms. They include HP, IBM, and independent companies such as iTKO and SOASTA. All have one common capability: They integrate with the platform and enable customers to test their applications before deploying them to a public or private cloud. While the platform vendors themselves offer their own testing tied to their platform, many customers and developers need testing for their own code and for integration testing.

Service management for the cloud platform

Managing applications created in clouds is a complex area and few platform vendors provide their own management services. Therefore, a range of companies are emerging to fill the gap, including companies like RightScale. In fact, RightScale is the primary management platform for EC2 offering. Companies including HP, IBM, CA, and others also provide service management offerings that are sold independently.

Integration and configuration platforms in cloud computing

For cloud development to flourish, you need enabling tools that make it easy to customize cloud applications for different end-user needs. A variety of platforms provide capabilities for this need.

For example, WaveMaker is a cloud-development platform based on Java. It’s intended to make it easier for developers to customize and extend Web applications from a Web browser. It can also integrate existing data and logic into a cloud platform.

Gigaspaces is another enabling platform. The Gigaspaces XAP cloud PaaS is tightly integrated with Amazon EC2’s infrastructure. It allows customers to build Web applications for the cloud by migrating existing enterprise applications. It does this by providing a development platform that supports major frameworks, languages, and management environments.

Social network, framework, and portal platforms in cloud computing

It may be best to give you an idea of the type of enabling technology that is a natural part of enablement of Platform as a Service. Customers are taking advantage of platforms for blogging like WordPress; they’re using open-source environments like Joomla to create cloud-based applications. Even social networking environments like Facebook and Twitter are becoming a part of enablement of the cloud.