Changing Configuration in AWS Using Command Line Editors

By John Paul Mueller

When working with Linux as you do in AWS (Amazon Web Services), you sometimes need to modify configuration files at the command line. Trying to perform this task without an editor is nearly impossible. The Editors group package provided with your Linux setup includes a number of editors that you can use to perform configuration file editing tasks.

The following minitable gives an overview of each editor (listed as either a default package or an optional package):

Utility/Package What It Does
Default Packages  
vim Allows editing of text files using the Vi IMproved (VIM) editor. See for additional details.
Optional Packages  
ctags etags Creates a tag file containing identifiers based on the content of code files for use with a text editor. The tags help the editor provide amplifying information when displaying the file onscreen. The etags utility is an Emacs-specific version that produces more information for this particular editor. See for additional details.
emacs Displays an extensible, customizable, real-time text editor generally used to modify code files, hence the original name Editing Macros, or Emacs (but you can use it for any other text-editing purpose as well). See for additional details.
emacs-auctex Provides support for tau-epsilon-chi (TeX) files in the Emacs editor. See for additional details.
emacs-gnuplot Provides gnuplot support for the Emacs editor. See for additional details.