5 Uncommon Ways to Use Amazon Web Services for Applications - dummies

5 Uncommon Ways to Use Amazon Web Services for Applications

By Bernard Golden

Part of Amazon Web Services For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a far richer set of services than most people recognize. While most are familiar with and use well-known AWS products like EC2 and S3, too many people fail to explore further into AWS and learn about other services that they could use for their applications. By leveraging additional AWS core and platform services, you can:

  • Develop far richer applications: For example, by using ElasticSearch, you can provide sophisticated searching within your application. There’s a whole range of AWS services just waiting for you to use them.

  • Deliver applications much more quickly: Instead of locating and implementing open source software packages, or (even worse) spending endless time negotiating proprietary license contracts, you can begin using AWS services to build out your application quickly and bring it into production sooner.

  • Better match service use with service cost: All of Amazon’s AWS services are delivered in an on-demand, no commitment, usage-based pricing fashion. By using AWS services in your application, you are able to match your costs with your benefits, ensuring that your application achieves good economic outcomes.

  • Build more scalable applications: Amazon designs all of its services to run at scale. If your application requires massive amounts of whatever AWS product it uses, you can be confident that Amazon has designed its services to scale to whatever level you may need.

  • Leverage Amazon’s own experience: Many of the products AWS offers were originally created to help Amazon.com runs its ecommerce business. If you use any AWS products, you can be sure they’ve been battle-tested in the harshest of e-commerce environments.