Your BIM Acronym Guide: What All Those Letters Mean - dummies

Your BIM Acronym Guide: What All Those Letters Mean

By Stefan Mordue, Paul Swaddle, David Philp

Part of Building Information Modeling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The world of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is packed with acronyms. Keeping track of them when your company considers implementing BIM can be tricky. Don’t know your BEP from your PIM? Take a look through the following list and familiarize yourself with the terms. You’ll be speaking like a BIM expert in no time!

2D: 2-dimensional

3D: 3-dimensional

4D: 4-dimensional (time)

5D: 5-dimensional (cost)

AEC: Architecture, engineering, and construction

AIM: Asset Information Model

AIR: Asset information requirements

AM: Asset management

API: Application programming interface

ASP: Application service provider

BAS: Building automation system

BCF: BIM collaboration format

BEP: BIM execution plan

BIM: Building Information Model(ing)

BIS: UK Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills

BMS: Building Management System

BS: British Standard

bSa: buildingSMART alliance

bsDD: buildingSMART Data Dictionary

bSI: buildingSMART International

BSI: British Standards Institute

CAD: Computer-aided design

CADD: Computer-aided design and drafting

CAFM: Computer-aided facility management

CAM: Computer-aided manufacture

CAPEX: Capital expenditure

CDE: Common data environment

CIC: Construction Industry Council

CMM: Capability Maturity Model

CMMS: Computerized Maintenance and Management System

COBie: Construction Operations Building information exchange

CPI: Coordinated project information

CPIx: Construction project information x-change

CR: Clash rendition

CSI: Construction Specifications Institute

DBB: Digital Built Britain

DfMA: Design for Manufacture and Assembly

DPoW: Digital Plan of Work

DMS: Document management system

EDMS: Electronic data management system

EIR: Employer’s information requirements

FM: Facilities management

GCS: Government Construction Strategy (UK)

GDL: Geometric Description Language

GIS: Geographical Information System

GSA: US Government Services Administration

GUID: Globally Unique ID (identifier)

HVAC: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

IAI: International Alliance for Interoperability (now known as buildingSMART)

iBIM: Integrated Building Information Modelling

ICT: Information and communications technology

IDM: Information Delivery Manual

IFC: Industry Foundation Classes

IFD: International Framework for Dictionaries

IoT: Internet of Things

IPD: Integrated project delivery

IP: Intellectual property

IR: Information requirements

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

IaaS: Infrastructure as a service

IT: Information technology

KPI: Key performance indicator

LOD: Level of definition (UK) or level of model detail (US – level of development)

LOI: Levels of model information

MEP: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

MIDI: Master information document index

MIDP: Master information delivery plan

MPDT: Model production and delivery table

MVD: Model view definition

NBIMS: National Building Information Modeling Standard (US)

NBS: National Building Specification

NIBS: National Institute of Building Sciences (US)

O&M: Operations and maintenance

OIR: Organizational information requirements

OPEX: Operating expenditure

PaaS: Platform as a service

PAS: Publicly available specification

PDM: Project delivery manager

PIM: Project information model

PIP: Project implementation plan

PoW: Plan of works

PLQ: Plain language questions

POE: Post occupancy evaluation

PQQ: Pre-qualification questionnaire

R&D: Research and development

RM: Responsibility matrix

RFI: Request for information

RFID: Radio-frequency identification

ROI: Return on investment

SaaS: Software as a service

SPie: Specifiers’ properties information exchange

STEP: STandard for the Exchange of Product model data

TIDP: Task information delivery plan

Uniclass: Unified classification system

USACE: United States Army Corps of Engineers

VA: US Department of Veterans’ Affairs

VDC: Virtual design and construction

WBDG: Whole building design guide

WIP: Work in progress

XML: eXtensible markup language