Triple Store and Graph NoSQL Database Features - dummies

Triple Store and Graph NoSQL Database Features

By Adam Fowler

Part of NoSQL For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You can use a triple store or graph NoSQL database if you have a web of interconnected data, or you can simply tag your data and infer relationships according to the records that share the same tags. These database products support these important features.

Feature Area AllegroGraph MarkLogic Server Neo4j OrientDB
ACID or BASE ACID, fully serializable ACID, fully serializable ACID, read committed ACID, fully serializable or read committed
HA Replicas No Yes, Sync No Yes, Sync
DR Replicas Yes, Async Yes, Async Yes, Sync (when available) TBD
Data types
integers, unsigned integers, floating point, decimals,
and time and dates.
JSON, binary, XML, free text storage supported. All W3C RDF and
XML schema types supported.
Java data types supported. JSON, binary, and RDF storage supported.
Data indexing Triple indexes optimized for graph style queries. 7 SPOGI
Triple index optimized for known depth triple store style
queries. 4 SPOGI indexes.
Triple indexes optimized for graph style queries (shortest
path, subgraph, and so on). 7 SPOGI indexes.
Has own triple index. Optimized for triple store style
Query and search SPARQL 1.0 and 1.1 supported. SPARQL Inferencing Notation
(SPIN) API supported.
SPARQL 1.0 compliance, SPARQL 1.1 partial compliance (will be
nearly compliant in upcoming version 8). Inferencing support in
version 8.
Cypher query language provided, resembling SQL. No standards
support. Shortest path, Dijkstra, and A* graph algorithms
No W3C SPARQL or GraphStore protocol support for storing or
querying RDF data. Has own query language.
Commercials Commercial-only model. Available from Franz, Inc. Free version
available limited to 5 million triples. Developer version available
limited to 50 million triples.
Commercial-only model. Entry level “Essential
Enterprise” edition for small clusters, and “Global
Enterprise” for large clusters.
Provided under AGPL. Commercial license available. Discounted
start-up license available.
Favorable commercial terms available for startups. Commercial
support available for Apache 2 licensed edition, although feature
limited. All features are available only in commercial
Other Triple-level security supported. Online backups with
point-in-time recovery supported. CLIF++ and RDFS++ supported.
Includes a Social Network Analysis (SNA) library.
Record-level (Graph) security support. Provides meetups at some
MarkLogic offices worldwide.
Neo Technologies recommend SSDs for good performance. Record-level (Graph) security support.