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10 NoSQL Blogs and Communities to Follow

By Adam Fowler

Discovering reliable sources of information on the web is difficult at the best of times. Finding reliable, unbiased sources of data on NoSQL is even more challenging! These are go-to sites for information on NoSQL.


adamfowlerml.wordpress.com covers related technologies such as Enterprise Search, Hadoop, and user interface libraries for building NoSQL-based applications.

NoSQL on DZone

A variety of NoSQL commentators are syndicated on the DZone site. This is a great resource for upcoming NoSQL information.

Alex Popescu’s NoSQL blog

Alex Popescu and Ana-Maria Bacalu maintain a blog (currently sponsored by Aerospike) that highlights technical information about NoSQL implementations.

Gigaom Research’s NoSQL Notes

The Gigaom website is a great resource for the latest analysis around news in the NoSQL space.

Wikibon open-source analysis

Wikibon publishes an analysis of NoSQL and Hadoop market trends once or twice a year. This site is great for seeing how vendors are compared and how they’re changing. This site also publishes occasional research notes on individual NoSQL products.

Matt Aslett’s research notes from 451 Research

Matt Aslett is a research director with 451 Research. He oversees data-management platform analysis. His research notes are very interesting and cover a range of databases.


StackOverflow.com is the best website for answering all questions about technology. You can find sound information about NoSQL technology on this site. Specific technical issues are often answered, and the forum also makes high-level comparisons of different NoSQL databases and talks about why one may or may not be a good fit for particular use cases.

DB Engines website

DB Engines is a great website that ranks and compares databases, including relational, NoSQL, and NewSQL databases. The popularity of databases is calculated around things like job invites, LinkedIn skills lists, and stack overflow website posts, though, so keep that in mind as you review the exact rankings. The site has useful information, though, particularly when it comes to comparing the features of two databases side by side.

Adrian Carr’s NoSQL databases Scoop.it! page

Scoop.it! is a great place to share news stories and to include your own short comments. Adrian Carr, vice-president of EMEA Sales at MarkLogic, posts links to NoSQL stories as they emerge.

Data Informed

Another great analysis website, Data Informed concentrates on real business use cases and how to deliver value through better data management.