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Three Vendors with Data Mining Products

By Thomas C. Hammergren

There are several vendors that sell data mining products you might want to consider using with your data warehouse. Here are three that are worth considering.


Microsoft introduced server-side data mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Although it’s not as mature and sophisticated as SAS and SPSS, Microsoft has proven over time their ability to simplify and generalize technology offerings. Their integration of common data mining routines into SQL Server Analysis services provides an interesting, cost-effective solution. In addition, you can use several algorithms within Microsoft Excel when you access your data warehouse or data mart.


SAS, one of the two industry leaders in analytics, provides an integrated environment for predictive analytics and descriptive modeling, data mining, text mining, forecasting, optimization, simulation, experimental design, and more.

Their analytic solutions provide a range of techniques and processes for the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables, and relationships — leading ultimately to new insights for guided decision making. SAS is one of the more mature vendors and a leader in this market segment.


SPSS is one of the two industry leaders that have focused heavily in the area of statistics and data mining. Through acquisitions and internal development, SPSS has built out a comprehensive set of tools to help you with predictive modeling through Clementine and various statistical algorithms through SPSS Statistics.