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Ten Sources of Up-to-Date Information about Data Warehousing

By Thomas C. Hammergren

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the term up-to-date information about data warehousing means “go look on the Internet.” It’s worth your time to check out the Web sites in this chapter.

The Data Warehousing Institute

At the Data Warehousing Institute’s comprehensive site, you can find these items:

  • Education information

  • Upcoming events

  • White papers, including links to white papers at other sites

  • Case studies

  • A directory of vendors

  • Best practices (so that you can find out how others have succeeded in various data warehousing categories)

The Data Warehousing Information Center

At the Data Warehousing Information Center, you can find out about data warehousing technology, find links to a variety of other sites, and provide the site’s operator (Larry Greenfield, of LGI Systems, Incorporated) a place for “rants and raves” (his words) about data warehousing.

The site has tables of various tool categories and products in those categories, along with links to the vendors’ respective sites. It also has links to white papers, articles, periodicals, conferences, and many other services.

The OLAP Report

The OLAP Report is published by Business Application Research Center, a subscription service. This Web site has information available for nonsubscribers, including

  • Documentation on the origins of OLAP

  • Product reviews

  • Benchmarks

  • Market analysis, including market share information

  • Case studies

Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise has articles, interviews, white papers, and resources about the various technologies leveraged for data warehousing. It’s focused on how technologies can work together to form the strategic applications vital to businesses. This Web site offers both the context and the technical detail needed to go from concept to purchase to deployment.

b-eye Business Intelligence Network

The Business Intelligence Network focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration, and data quality, serving these communities with industry coverage and resources. The site has a plethora of industry expert blogs, product spotlights, white papers, and podcasts to help you through your data warehousing journey.


This Web site might seem misplaced, but Wikipedia is a growing source for key information — it’s nearly the new Encyclopedia Britannica! Though, at times, the articles and information might be self-serving for vendors or consultants, in general, this site is a wealth of information.


DMReview.com delivers market insight through interviews with, as well as articles and columns written by industry consultants, hands-on practitioners, and technology solution leaders. Editorial focus is on business intelligence, performance management, analytics, integration, and enterprise data warehousing, as well as emerging areas that include business process management and technology architectures.


BusinessIntelligence.com provides articles, white papers, research, and news for the business intelligence marketplace.

Industry analysts’ websites

You can get information about data warehousing, and the IT industry in general, from sites run by some of the leading industry analysts:

  • Gartner

  • International Data Corporation (IDC)

  • Forrester Research

  • Ventana Research

Product vendors’ websites

Hundreds, if not thousands, of sites exist for product vendors. Although the vendors are dedicated to selling their respective products, a lot of their sites have white papers, late-breaking news about their products and features, and other worthwhile material.