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Data Warehousing Specialty Database Products

By Thomas C. Hammergren

There are several vendors that have data warehousing specialty database products that you might want to check out. Here are five that are worth considering.

Cognos (An IBM company)

Cognos was one of the early vendors to offer a multidimensional database that had PowerPlay. The product has a modeling environment (Transformer) that produces physical MDDBs known as PowerCubes. Additionally, Cognos acquired TM1 in the mid-2000s. TM1 is one of the innovation leaders in the area of in-memory MDDBs.


Microsoft introduced its first MDDB, SQL Server Analysis Services, with SQL2000. The product has gone through a number of innovations, and its scale and capabilities have expanded in the latest release. Additionally, Microsoft has acquired DATallegro, a database appliance, and has begun providing customers and partners access to the combined solution.


Oracle offers a plethora of specialty database stores, including a new database appliance introduced in 2008 — multidimensional databases Express and Essbase. Oracle also has other index-based innovations within their traditional relational database platform.

Sybase IQ

Sybase introduced IQ in the mid-1990s, a product built on bit-mapped indexing technology. Sybase IQ is a column-wise, vertical storage manager that supports bit-mapped indexing for both low-cardinality and high-cardinality data. For example, a particular attribute that has a small range of values (the colors of an automobile, for example) is low-cardinality data; high-cardinality data consists of range-oriented values (for example, sales volumes and unit sales).


Vertica is the commercial release of a Michael Stonebraker database product which grew in the university research environment known as C-Store. (Stonebreaker was the father of Ingres, PostgreSQL, and other successful database products.) Vertica is relatively new to the market, founded in 2005, and consists of a scalable, vertical storage manager focused on analytical applications such as data warehouses.