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Approach Data Warehousing Product Vendors

By Thomas C. Hammergren

The same basic smart-shopper guidelines that you use at trade shows apply when you deal with data warehousing product vendors:

  • Do your homework.

  • Ask a lot of questions.

  • Be skeptical.

  • Take your time before committing to purchasing products.

The one-on-one nature of the vendor-customer relationship is somewhat different from the contact interaction that occurs at a conference or trade show.

On the positive side, you (and your data warehousing needs) can get much more attention from a vendor when you’re meeting in your office to discuss your data warehousing project and that vendor’s sales representative is trying to make a sale to you, compared to the trade show cast-the-net approach, when a vendor tries to reach as many new prospects as possible.

On the negative side, though, the vendor’s sales rep can focus tactics specifically on you and others in your organization, and you must be particularly cautious regarding the sales techniques that the rep uses.

A product sales representative isn’t in the business of solving your business problem through a cost-effective, timely data warehousing solution. Although that person (and, in a larger sense, the product company as a whole) wants very much for you to be successful in your data warehousing endeavors (particularly so that your success story becomes a reference for them), never forget that their product sales and revenue take precedence over your budget and schedule.