Document NoSQL Database Features - dummies

Document NoSQL Database Features

By Adam Fowler

Part of NoSQL For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Document NoSQL databases are flexible and schema agnostic, which means you can load any type of document without the database needing to know the document’s structure up front. Document NoSQL databases support these important features.

Feature Area Couchbase Microsoft DocumentDB MarkLogic Server MongoDB
ACID or BASE BASE BASE, client driver consistency selection ACID, fully serializable BASE, client driver consistency selection
HA Replicas No Managed by Azure platform. Yes, Sync Yes, Async (default)
DR Replicas Yes, master-master, Async Managed by Azure platform. Yes, Async Yes, Async
Data types JSON document model JSON document model. Same types supported as JSON —
String, numbers (IEEE754), and Booleans. Extended date-time, guid,
Int64 types supported.
XML, JSON, text, and binary documents supported. All W3C XML
schema data types supported.
JSON document model. Same types as JSON. Support for 2D
geospatial data.
Data indexing Secondary indexes supported. Views supported. No universal
index. Indexes updated asynchronously.
Universal index for all JSON documents. Universal index
includes automatic range index detection. Indexes eventually
consistent, by default.
Universal index for all text, XML, and JSON documents. Views
not supported. Supports range indexes. Indexes updated within the
ACID transaction. Geospatial 2D indexes.
No universal index. Secondary indexes configurable on named
Query and search Memcached API fully supported. Queries over documents and views
Uses SQL over HTTP for queries. No free text search grammar
support. Projection and range queries supported.
Free text (similar to Google search box) search grammar and
structured queries both supported. Range queries supported.
Aggregates can be calculated during a search. Geospatial queries
Custom JSON query format with support for range queries. No
free text search grammar support. Text and Geospatial (GeoJSON)
queries supported.
Commercials Commercial-only model. Provided only on Microsoft’s Azure
Commercial-only model. AGPL licensed. Commercial licenses available.
Other Microsoft’s Azure platform hides many of the complexities
of scaling out a large database across multiple geographies.
Provides meetups at some MarkLogic offices worldwide.
Document-level security model implemented.
Strong support for local meetups at many MongoDB offices
worldwide. 10 official and 32 community client drivers.