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What You Should Know about Publishing Infographics on the Web

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

Think of simple examples of web content gone viral. This is really what you want for your infographic. (When someone says “sneezing baby panda,” you smile at the cuteness. When someone asks you what the fox says, you’ll almost surely be singing that annoyingly catchy song for the next few hours.)

Essentially, you want to get enough exposure for your infographic that it begins to spread around the web in an organic manner. Someone thinks it’s so cool that their 12 best friends just have to see it, and then their 12 best friends, and so on and so on.

This is obviously more cost-effective than, say, paying for ads to generate views for the infographic. It’s a great strategy for you as well as any company you’re designing infographics for.

If your goal is create an infographic that will drive traffic back to your website, build valuable links through search engine optimization (more on this in a moment) and get general buzz and exposure for your brand, the only real option for housing the infographic is your website.

If you want to take part in the benefits that come with creating such high-quality content, you need to make sure you are publishing it in the most advantageous way.

If your personal website doesn’t yet include a blog, try starting one right now. These days, blogs are very easy to set up and maintain, and after yours is up and running, it’s a great platform for sharing your work.

The two main blogging platforms, WordPress and Blogger, are tops in terms of name recognition, and they’re both easy to use and maintain. If you don’t want to set one up yourself, any website developer can add this onto your page pretty easily.

Make sure that the style of your blog fits with the rest of your website from a branding standpoint. One of the fastest growing blogging platforms is Tumblr. It’s cool and highly visual — but also the territory of teenage Twilight fans. Depending on the image you want to present, it might not be the right platform for your work.

Publishing infographics to the web requires some work on the technical details. For example, you need to look at the infographic file itself, particularly the size of the file.