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Tailor Your Infographics to Your Target Audience

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

What one person finds fascinating can be completely different from what draws another person’s interest. Getting your infographic readers’ attention and then hanging onto it first requires that you have some sense of who your reader is or who you want your reader to be.

That reader is your target audience, and to make your infographic as compelling and amazing as possible, you need to tailor it to appeal to that audience directly.

To use two extremely different audiences to illustrate this point, think of what you’d want an infographic on rockets to be like if your target audience were a group of rocket scientists. Now think of what you’d want it to be like if your target were children. Everything in the graphic changes, from the information to the appearance.

In some cases, your target audience could be described as captive. For example, if your graphic on flying buttresses is going to be handed out as a promotional item at an architecture conference, your target audience is (or probably should be) architects, and you’re almost guaranteed to get their eyes on your work.

If the same graphic will appear in a brochure at a museum, something about it must be compelling enough to make people want to pick it up.

No matter who your audience members are, or whether they’re sitting in conference seats or running around town, you still have to grab their attention. You want your graphic to draw readers in and hold their interest — and doing that requires a targeted approach.