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Search Government Databases for Your Infographics Data

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

A good infographic can visually tell a story or make some abstract or numerical point easy to understand, but none of this happens without a good base of data. The world’s governments and intergovernmental organizations maintain databases on all sorts of statistics.

Demographic, economic, health, and cultural data for countless countries are available online for anyone interested. Assuming the information you’re seeking isn’t too obscure, you can probably find it.

Here’s a list of useful governmental and intergovernmental databases and where they can be found online. A select few university pages have also been included. The University of Florida’s library, for instance, has compiled links to the central statistical offices of many countries, organized by region.

The greatest obstacle in your search may be navigating the database itself. For example, the website of the U.S. Census Bureau can feel maddeningly mazelike to the uninitiated. It contains so many pages filled with so much information that knowing where to start can be daunting — particularly difficult if you’re looking for historical data and need to compare reports from various years.

When that happens, sometimes there’s no recourse but to call the U.S. Census Bureau and ask for assistance. Its public relations department can often connect you with an expert who can lead you through the virtual hedge maze.