Publishing to Tableau Server and Tableau Online - dummies

Publishing to Tableau Server and Tableau Online

By Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan

Part of Tableau For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Share your work with others in your organization by publishing content to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to shows off your handiwork:

  1. Select Server→Publish Workbook.

  2. If prompted to sign in, enter the name or URL of the server, or enter and click Connect.

  3. If prompted, enter your username (Server) or email address (Online) and password and click Sign In.

  4. In the Publish Workbook to Tableau Server dialog box, specify the following:

    • Project: A project is like a folder for organizing content.

    • Name: This must be a unique name.

    • Add Tags: Optionally, enter keywords to tag your content for easy discoverability.

  5. If desired, specify View Permissions to allow or deny access to the workbook.

  6. Under Views to Share, choose which content to publish.

  7. If desired, change the options for showing sheets as tabs, showing your selections in the published version, and including external files such as images.

  8. If desired, set an extract refresh schedule or embed user credentials to the data source under Scheduling and Authentication.

  9. Click Publish