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Outline the Approval Process for Your Infographics Clients

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

An integral part of working with clients on infographics is having your work approved. It’s critical that you give your clients adequate time and opportunities to make their wishes and opinions known.

The approval process may look something like this figure.


  • Content

    • Concept/script and wireframe created

    • Reviewed internally

    • Submitted for client approval

  • Design

    • Rough sketch created

    • Reviewed internally

    • First design draft created

    • Reviewed internally

At this point, you will most likely be asked to make several rounds of changes. Depending on how many people you’re reporting to, and how well your infographic meets their needs, this process can be quick and painless or painstakingly slow.

Be polite, and communicate clearly.

After you secure full client approval, it’s time to publish!

Whatever your specific process, make sure that you follow it each time and that you communicate the steps to everyone involved — writers, designers, clients. There should be no guesswork involved on either side.

You should send your client a schedule at the beginning of the process. It could look something like this, depending on your client’s deadline and your own scheduling needs:

Deliverable Date
Concept/script and wireframe 1/1
Client feedback 1/3
Rough sketch 1/10
Client feedback 1/12
First draft 1/22
Client feedback 1/24
Second draft 1/27
Client feedback 1/29
Final draft 1/30

Although you might be tempted to give clients a chance to impose their own schedule, this inevitably leads clients to ask for shorter timeframes. You should resist this temptation unless you have a very good reason to do otherwise. You need to give yourself every opportunity to make the work as creative and powerful as possible, and cutting time at any stage of the process can endanger that.