Keyboard Shortcuts for Tableau - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tableau

By Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan

Part of Tableau For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Simplify your Tableau experience with the help of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can help you make quick work of your data while making the most of your charts.

Description Keyboard Shortcut
Windows Mac
New worksheet Ctrl+M Command-T
New workbook Ctrl+N Command-N
Undo Ctrl+Z Command-Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Command-Shift-Z
Clear the current worksheet Alt+Shift+Backspace Option-Shift-Delete
Describe sheet Ctrl+E Command-E
Adds a field to the view Double-click Double-click
Place selected field on Columns shelf Alt+Shift+C Option-Shift-C
Place selected field on Rows shelf Alt+Shift+R Option-Shift-R
Opens the Drop Field menu Right-click+Drag to shelf Option-Drag to shelf
Copies a field in the view to be placed on another shelf or
Ctrl+Drag Command-Drag
Swap rows and columns Ctrl+W Control-Command-W
Open Show Me Ctrl+1 , Ctrl+Shift+1 Command-1
Connect to data source Ctrl+D Command-D
Refreshes the data source F5 Command-R
Clears the selection Esc Esc
Selects the mark Click Click
Selects a group of marks Drag Drag
Adds individual marks to the selection Ctrl+Click Command-Click
Adds a group of marks to the selection Ctrl+Drag Command-Drag