Infographics: Organize Your List of influencers

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

When you have an infographic ready to share, you will need to find some influencers and outlets to target. Keep them organized as you plan your pitch. One simple approach is to create an Excel spreadsheet, as shown here.

Keep your influencer contacts organized in a spreadsheet.

Keep your influencer contacts organized in a spreadsheet.

You can build a spreadsheet that lists very simple things, such as

  • Blog name

  • Name of the reporter, blogger, or Twitter influencer

  • Contact information of blogger

  • Twitter handle (and perhaps the number of followers they have)

  • Date of initial outreach to blogger

  • Date of follow-up e-mail to blogger

    If they don’t respond after two tries, it might be time to move on.

  • Featured infographic

On a spreadsheet like this, use several tabs to keep things organized. For example, use a different tab for every industry you’re targeting. So, say you had made a dog infographic. When planning a pitch for that infographic, you could set up the following tabs:

  • Dog enthusiast blogs

  • Pet blogs

  • General animal enthusiast blogs

  • General-interest websites that have been known to feature infographics (like The Huffington Post or Buzzfeed)

  • Infographic websites and directories

Within each tab, list the relevant information for every website and influencer you want to reach out to for your promotion.