Infographics: How to Group Objects in Adobe Illustrator - dummies

Infographics: How to Group Objects in Adobe Illustrator

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

Grouping objects (choose Object→Group) in Adobe Illustrator can help you move them around a design or piece of art that will fit in your infographic. A group combines objects into a single unit, which can then be moved or altered as one, without having to change the qualities of every single component. These components can be polygons, text elements, rasterized images, or any combination of the above.

When you click and hold the Direct Selection tool, a menu appears holding the Group Selection tool. Use this tool to select items within a group one item at a time.

Toggle between the Direct Selection tool and the Group Selection tool by holding down Shift. When Direct Selection is selected and then you hold down Shift, a small plus sign (+) appears below the tool’s icon.

Use this technique to move an entire grouped object without leaving anything behind. Try it out.

  1. Activate the Group Selection tool.

  2. Click some artwork you’ve created.

    • Click the object. One of the items will be selected.

    • Click the object twice. All items within the group are selected.

  3. With the objects selected, you click and drag to move them en masse.

If you hold down Shift while using the Group Selection tool, you can deselect objects within the group.