How to View a Subset of the Data in Tableau - dummies

How to View a Subset of the Data in Tableau

By Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan

In Tableau, you can focus on a subset of the data that’s associated with one or more of the marks in a view. You may find this useful if a particular result appears to be questionable. For example, a particular bar may be longer than you expect it to be and you want to see what individual values make up that bar.

To view a subset of the data, follow these steps:

1Open the worksheet whose data you want to view.

Simply click its tab.

2Right-click the mark that you want to examine.

You can also do this from the tooltip command buttons that show up when you normally click on a mark.

3From the contextual menu that appears, choose the View Data command.

The View Data dialog box will appear.

4In the View Data dialog box that appears, click the Underlying tab.

You should see a subset of records.

5Scroll through the subset of records that are displayed.

Verify that the data is correct.

6Click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the dialog box to return to the worksheet.

You can select more than one mark whose data you want to view by holding down the Control key while making your selection. You can also select subsets of data that you want to view by selecting the items on the chart axes. For example, to view all the items in the Office Supplies category, right-click Office Supplies on the chart axes and then choose the View Data command.