How to Promote with Brand Infographics - dummies

How to Promote with Brand Infographics

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

Most infographics are marketing materials in one way or another; some advertising messages are just hidden better than others. Brand infographics can be appropriate for

  • Promoting or explaining services and products

  • Explaining sales or internal survey data

  • Establishing your company as a thought leader

Most brand infographics will use corporate or campaign branding to help viewers identify them as part of a particular brand. At a minimum, brand infographics should carry a corporate logo.

The most unobtrusive location for a logo is toward the bottom of the infographic, as shown in this figure. You should resist the urge to place your logo at the top of your infographic, as readers may be immediately turned off by what they view as a clear advertisement.


In certain cases, a blatant advertising message is okay. (See the following figure.) If you’re creating an infographic to be viewed by people within your own company or those you’re hoping will become clients, there’s very little need to be shy or coy about promoting your products or services.


In these cases, your audience knows that they’re seeing advertising or a marketing message, and they’re fine with it. So take advantage of the opportunity to promote your service or product in a clever, inventive way.

Infographics like this can be appropriate for

  • Trade shows

  • Sales department leave-behinds

  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Product instructions

This type of graphic will most likely have an authoritative tone, but the desired tone varies depending upon the company. For example, an infographic for a snowboard manufacturer may incorporate the loose, fun vibe that has become associated with the sport.