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How to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

In the end, your goal in designing and producing an infographic is to get your content to “go viral.” That phrase is most certainly overused at this point, and people have different definitions for it. One definition of “going viral” is simply giving something enough of a push out the door where it then begins to spread around the web on its own.

Creating viral content is very difficult. It’s often best to create a series of infographics or plan for ongoing content creation. That way, all your eggs are not in one basket, with everything relying on the success of just one infographic.

In most cases, having something go viral is not an accident. A lot of hard work and planning — and most importantly, execution— lies behind a piece of content becoming that successful. In this figure, you’ll see some of the steps you should take to set the stage for your graphic to go viral.

Preparing your infographic to go viral.
Preparing your infographic to go viral.

When Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, the Infographic World team embarked on a wild 24-hour period of building a great infographic looking back on his life while simultaneously preparing their plan to market the infographic.

The homework paid off: they were able to get the infographic featured on Mashable, and it became the number one story on that site for a few weeks. That led to it getting picked up and featured on thousands of other websites, with hundreds of thousands of social shares and millions of page views.

This was the living, breathing definition of something going viral. At one point, the team even got an angry call from their website developer, wondering why they hadn’t warned him about all the traffic that was coming to the website. They were getting so many hits that our server was close to crashing!

This is the kind of phone call you want to get. You want your work to generate so much interest that your website servers are holding on for dear life. The servers will survive. You’ll thrive.