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How to Change Fonts on Your Infographics

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

The Type tool in Illustrator is a quick and easy way to find the best font for your infographic. With just a few clicks, you can find a typeface that suits your project — anything from an infographic on revenue for a company’s annual report to a diagram of a race car’s engine for an infographic on Formula One racing.

You’ll find the Type tool on the Tools palette (down the left side of the screen). It’s the big letter T (for Type). (By the way, this is an excellent example of a simple icon!)

When you click and hold the Type tool, options for type formatting pop up. For now, though, just concentrate on the first option: the Type tool itself.

Here’s a simple exercise to get you started using the Type tool:

  1. Select the Type tool and move the cursor to the artboard.

  2. Click in the empty text field.

    This sets the incursion marker or cursor in the middle of the field. In essence, you’re selecting a place to begin your text.

  3. At the blinking cursor that appears, enter some simple sample text.

    The font doesn’t matter at this point. See this figure.

    Start with a simple font.
    Start with a simple font.
  4. Press Esc (the Escape key) on the keyboard.

    This releases the Type tool and automatically returns you to the black Selection Tool.

With your basic text entered, you can now adjust your text.

In the Uncle Sam Personal Finance Graphic, a special font called Featured Item was used. It needed something that reflected the Industrial-style look that the designer was going for.


Along the top of the artboard are several options that Illustrator places when you choose the Type tool including the font name, style, and font size. You can change the font by clicking the Character drop-down menu and scrolling to any font. It is always interesting to see how each font may enhance the theme in your graphic.

Investigate other font options.
Investigate other font options.

Start experimenting by changing the font.

  1. Choose the font (the first drop-down menu).

    • a. Click and hold the small white arrow of font family to open its drop-down menu.

    • b. When the array of Illustrator fonts appears, scroll and select the one you want.

  2. Set the font style (the second drop-down menu).

    • a. Click and hold the small white arrow to open this list of font styles that come with that particular font.

    • b. Scroll and choose the style you want.

      In most cases, your choices are limited to Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. Some fonts, though, come with more variety, such as Condensed and Bold Condensed.

  3. Set the font size (the third drop-down menu).

    You know the drill by now. Font size, by the way, is set in points (pt). For reference, 72pt is one inch.