How to Add Totals in Tableau - dummies

How to Add Totals in Tableau

By Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan

Often when creating a Tableau visualization, you may discover that you want to add totals and sub-totals to your view. (You may have selected a chart type that shows a table with values, for example.) With Tableau, it is simple to include both sub-totals and grand totals for measures.

To add totals, follow these steps:

  1. Drag fields to shelves to create the table displayed.

  • Choose Analysis → Totals from the Tableau main menu and then select either the Show Row Grand Totals or the Show Column Grand Totals option, depending on which totals you want to include.

  • When you make your selection, Tableau adds the appropriate totals to the view. (In this case, Row Grand Totals was selected.)

  • To add Column Grand Totals, return to Step 2 and choose Add Column Grand Totals from the Totals submenu. To add sub-totals, return to Step 2 and choose the Add All Sub-totals option from the same submenu.

  • Doing so yields these results.

    If multiple levels of sub-totals in your visualization are just a bit much, just right-click a field and uncheck Sub-totals in the contextual menu that appears. This is a sample of what it looks like to work with Sub-totals for the Quarter(Order Date) field.