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Evergreen Infographics: Letting Things Build

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

Evergreen infographics aren’t related to any event or person in the news. They have no seasonal component, and they’re not tied to anything timely. An infographic about how CDs are made would apply because it’s music-related but not specific to any artist or genre.

With evergreen infographics, you completely ignore current events and explore ideas at your own pace. These evergreen pieces will have a virtually limitless shelf life (depending on the topic), so it’s wise to have a mix of timely and evergreen pieces.

Infographics of this type may not have a huge audience at first, but they can build viewers over time if the topic has interest year-round. These pieces often are the most appealing because they allow the data to take you wherever it goes and craft a design that’s completely organic and springs totally from the content.

When you aren’t going for the immediate impact of a timely infographic, make sure your topic is interesting all on its own. The best way to do that is to become an expert in a given field. This strategy gives you the best chance of knowing what will interest the audience.

If you have some knowledge and expertise in science, for example, you could craft an infographic on the lifecycle of the frog. If you’re an Internet expert, you could design an infographic showing how a search engine works.