Data Visualization: Use a Business Intelligence Dashboard Formula Blueprint

By Mico Yuk, Stephanie Diamond

When you’re building a data visualization, it helps to have a blueprint to follow as you gather information and begin your design. A Business Intelligence Dashboard Formula (BIDF) Blueprint or storyboard can help you get your thoughts in order and keep things organized:


  • Current State: This section deals with goals. Look at the status of the main goal and consider the likelihood that you will reach it. This means that you need to look at specific term measures to see where you are right now.

  • Trends: This section gives you an idea about how you attained your current state and how probable it is that you will reach you goal based on that.

  • Forecast: In this section you learn whether you will meet your goal if you take no action. Obviously, you will want to take steps to achieve your goal, so some action may be required. These actions are listed in the last section of the data visualization.

  • What-if: This section provides a clear set of recommendations that will help you achieve your goal. That makes it different from most blueprints that only show you different scenarios, not necessarily the ones that will get you where you want to go.