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6 Technology Tools You Need for Designing Infographics

By Justin Beegel, MBA, The Infographic World Team

The most important aspects of technology for infographic designers are design programs and tools. Think of it this way: You never want a picture in your head to be something you can’t re-create because you don’t have the digital tools you need to make it happen.

This is a digital world, and you can’t rely on analog art tools like pens and sketchpads if you want to be successful in that digital landscape.

Here are some examples of the tools that you may want to gather. You don’t need all of these to get started as an infographic designer, but if you’ll be working with infographics on a regular basis, start accumulating the following:

  • A really good computer

  • Reliable Internet access

    There’s nothing worse than completing a project, and then having technical trouble transmitting it to a client or editor. Chances are that you’ll be relying heavily on the Internet for everything from research to sharing work with colleagues to publishing your infographic, so make sure your connection is solid.

  • A good-quality monitor

    Make sure your monitor is big enough to allow you to see your work in detail. Screen sizes tend to range from 15″ to 30″ inches (measured diagonally). Aim for 24″ or bigger. Check out resolution numbers as well; these are improving all the time, and some monitors are as clear as high-definition TV.

  • Up-to-date graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Digital illustrating tools

    Illustrator and Photoshop dominate the category, but less-expensive options such as Corel’s Painter and Intaglio for the Mac are good ways to start dabbling.

  • Interactive coding programs

    You don’t need to become a full-time coder to develop infographics. As more and more infographics showcase interactive features, though, it’s a terrific idea to develop some basic skills in HTML and CSS. One cool way to do so is through Code Avengers, a free tutorial.