Using Studio Lighting when You Take Your Digital Photos - dummies

Using Studio Lighting when You Take Your Digital Photos

You can make your digital photos look professional by using studio lighting. Many digital cameras can use high-quality studio lighting kits. These kits, which use very powerful flash heads, provide a predictable, steady light source:

1Connect your lights to a power source.

Attach them to an electric outlet or a separate power supply (shown in this figure), which can usually feed two or more lights at a time.

2Set your lights in the positions and at the power levels that you want.

For example, you can set one light for full power and another for a lower percentage of power output — the full-power light acts as a main light and the second, less powerful light simply fills in the shadows.

3Use modeling lights to preview how the light from your flash will look.

Modeling lights are incandescent lamps built into the studio flash that show exactly how the light from the flash will look. These lights aren’t as powerful as the main flash heads, but they do show you where shadows will fall on your subject.

4Set your camera to a small aperture.

The greater depth-of-field you get by using a smaller aperture means that you can shoot a larger area and keep it all in focus. Plus, you get sharper overall images.

5Take your pictures!