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Capturing beautiful landscape images isn't always easy, and ticking off items on a checklist might not seem like a useful technique in photography, but ensuring you have all equipment with you on a photo shoot ensures you can focus on snapping pictures instead of discovering you've left something behind.

By the same token, readying your equipment upon your return lets you grab your camera bag and go capture more landscape and nature pictures.

What to carry with you on a photo shoot

When you go on a photo shoot, carry just what you think you’ll need for that shoot. When you have a lot of gear, however, forgetting what you have can be easy, and then you might leave something important at home.

Keep this handy pre-shoot checklist in your camera bag and review it before you leave for each photo shoot. Those few blank spaces at the end are for listing additional or personal items.


What to do after a photo shoot

When you complete a photo shoot, you need to do a few things. You may have changed many settings on the camera to deal with lighting and other conditions during your shoot. If you forget to return the camera to its default settings, you risk taking pictures with high ISO settings when there is sufficient light on your next shoot. Keep a post-shoot checklist in your camera bag and go through it after every photo shoot.


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