Using Special Lenses with Your Digital Camera - dummies

Using Special Lenses with Your Digital Camera

Your digital camera might have come with a good lens — but you can get better lenses that let you get wide-angle or very close (telephoto) shots without buying a new camera. To attach these special lenses to your digital camera

1Select lenses that meet your digital-camera needs.

The types of attachment lenses include wideangle lenses, which expand the width perspective of your digital camera; telephoto lenses, which narrow the frame of the lens and bring distant objects closer; and close-up lenses (also called micro-lenses) which enable super–close-up shots. Lenses screw on the front of cameras that have lens-extension features.

2Attach the lens extender to the normal lens

A special lens can enhance your camera’s shot-making abilities.

3Shoot photos normally.

Take pictures as usual with your special lens attached.