Using Professional Digital Photography Lighting Gadgets - dummies

Using Professional Digital Photography Lighting Gadgets

If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you can get some high-quality lighting gadgets to use with your digital camera. Professional lighting tools can make your digital photography life easier, and the lighting you create can make your photographs look spectacular:

1Use a soft box that comes with spring-loaded clips for mounting.

These devices are bigger than their less-expensive counterparts, and they feature a deeper well for the light to spread out in before hitting the frosted panel, as this figure illustrates.

2Mount your flash on a combination flash stand with photographic umbrella, like the one shown in this figure.

This kind of rig lets you set up a multiple-flash lighting system that produces very pleasing lighting without the expense of buying portrait studio flash heads.

3Attach your camera and flash to a high-quality flash bracket.

Examples in this category tend to be very sturdy and can extend the flash as much as one foot or more higher than the camera. Some offer expanded capabilities, such as the ability to accept a flash umbrella.