Shooting a Portrait with Your Digital Camera - dummies

Shooting a Portrait with Your Digital Camera

When you take a portrait picture with your digital camera, you need to consider position (of your camera and your portrait subject) before you shoot. A person wants to be in a portrait photo that flatters, and you want your photo to show off your picture-taking talents. Take an award-winning portrait photo:

1Set your camera to Portrait mode.

Yes, you take a portrait in — surprisingly enough — Portrait mode.

2Choose a subject.

You need a willing participant to take a quality portrait photo.

3Place your subject somewhere without background clutter.

This picture has too much background clutter. If you don’t want to move your subject (or your subject doesn’t want to move!), you can change your own position so the clutter isn’t visible.

4Reposition yourself so that the frame doesn’t contain any small area of bright light.

Such bright light (called a hot spot) might include a reflection from a window or the subject’s eyeglasses.

5Take the picture and review it for adequate lighting.

If the subject’s too dark in the picture, turn the flash feature on and take the picture again.