Posing Group Photos - dummies

By Robert Correll

It’s very hard to get everyone in focus if the group is spread out from front to back. The figure shows a group shot of three generations of women from one family. It’s a classic group photo that was taken one afternoon at a baseball game for kids.

It was bright and beautiful outside, but late enough that the sun was not directly overhead. The colors pop, and everyone is happy and smiling. The two on the top row were asked to lean in so that everyone would be on or close to the same focal plane.

This image was shot with a top-end consumer-level Canon dSLR and standard zoom lens. This shot was taken using aperture-priority mode at 27mm, f/4, 1/1000 second, and ISO 100.

Keys to this photo:

  • The photographer had the subjects look down at him to keep them from squinting.
  • Frame using the Rule of Thirds.
  • Take two or three shots in situations like this and choose the best one.
  • Line people up at the same distance so they are all in focus.
Try to get everyone lined up.