Necessary Equipment for Shooting High Dynamic Range Digital Photography - dummies

Necessary Equipment for Shooting High Dynamic Range Digital Photography

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Here is a list of the minimum equipment and software that you need to start shooting high dynamic range (HDR) digital photography and creating high dynamic range images:

  • Digital camera: You need a digital camera with a form of exposure control that allows you to shoot brackets. This can be manual controls, AEB, or exposure compensation.

  • HDR software: You also need software capable of turning the bracketed photos into an HDR image and tone mapping it. Photomatix Pro and Photoshop are great examples.

That’s it. Really. However, you might want to pick up a few other items to make it easier to shoot HDR photos:

  • Tripod: Depending on your camera, you may not need a tripod for every HDR shot. However, using a tripod will stabilize your camera and make the brackets easier to align. For most people, a tripod is a necessity.

  • Raw converter: Raw converters give you better Raw-to-TIFF conversion quality than HDR software.

  • Image editor: Although you can take the tone mapped image and put it directly on the Web, having an image editor like Photoshop Elements helps you create a much better final product, convert photos to black and white, or create panoramas.