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How to Mix Styles to Create a Story with Your Wedding Photography

By Amber Murphy

Though it happens occasionally, you’ll rarely come across a wedding photographer who works exclusively with a single style. Photographers more commonly create their own hybrid of styles to suit their needs. The reasoning is simple: If you choose just one style, elements of a wedding may be left out. However, combining styles opens up possibilities and allows you to better narrate the entirety of a wedding day.

Another reason to mix and match styles is to accommodate your couple and to give them the kind of story they want. If a couple wants a photojournalistic approach to their wedding day but also wants some group shots of their families, you can use both the photojournalistic and traditional styles to create the story your couple desires. Take a look at the following examples:

This wedding shoot started with a photojournalistic approach while the bride was getting ready.

[Credit: 50mm, 1/160 sec., f/2.2, 1000]
Credit: 50mm, 1/160 sec., f/2.2, 1000

Then it switched for the formal portraits in order to capture a few portraits of the bride and groom as well as a few with the wedding party.

[Credit: 18mm, 1/500 sec., f/5.0, 200]
Credit: 18mm, 1/500 sec., f/5.0, 200

After the portraits were finished, the style switched back to photojournalist mode to capture in-action shots.

[Credit: 50mm, 1/500 sec., f/4.5, 100]
Credit: 50mm, 1/500 sec., f/4.5, 100

As you begin photographing weddings, explore the different styles and to find (or make) one that fits with your creative vision.

One of the best ways to explore the different styles is to set up shoots on your own for practice. That way you can determine whether you like posing a couple, or photographing a bride from a fashion photography point of view, or taking candid shots instead. Then you can incorporate your preferences into how you plan on shooting weddings.