Choosing Sony Alpha A35/A55 Shooting Modes - dummies

Choosing Sony Alpha A35/A55 Shooting Modes

By Robert Correll

Part of Sony Alpha SLT-A35/A55 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

What shooting mode should you use? Your Sony Alpha A35/A55 has modes you can choose based on how the photo should look, the situation, and your photographic experience level. Are you taking action shots of a sports game? Are you taking portraits for the holiday card?

  • Basic shooting modes: Auto, Auto+, Flash Off, Continuous Advance Priority, Sweep Shooting, and Scene Selection

  • Advanced exposure modes: Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter speed priority, or Manual exposure

Basic and Advanced Shooting Modes
Name Description
Auto Automatic mode. Your camera makes most decisions. Use when
you’re getting to know about your camera and photography, or when
you want to relax and have fun.
Auto+ Auto, plus recognizes some shooting conditions.
Flash Off Auto, but with flash disabled.
Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE (A35) or Continuous
Advance Priority AE (A55)
Fastest frame rate. The A35 captures the center of the frame.
The A55 captures the full scene.
Sweep Shooting Create panoramas.
Scene Selection/Picture Effect (A35) or Scene Selection
Windows to specific scenes and effects.
P (Program Auto) Automatic exposure, but you control creative settings.
A (Aperture priority) You set aperture; the camera sets the rest for proper exposure.
Good for portraits, landscapes, and close-ups.
S (Shutter speed priority) Aperture priority but instead, you set shutter speed. Good for
action (yours and your subject’s).
M (Manual exposure) You make all exposure and function decisions.