Choosing Sony Alpha A35/A55 Scenes - dummies

Choosing Sony Alpha A35/A55 Scenes

By Robert Correll

Part of Sony Alpha SLT-A35/A55 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In Scene Selection mode on your Sony Alpha A35/A55, choose a scene per the kind of photo you’re taking: portraits, action, and nighttime shots benefit from different Scene Selection modes; and macros and panoramas are two ends of the shooting spectrum in Scene Selection.

Scene Selections
Name Description
Portrait Creates a pleasing photo with a blurred background.
Sports Action Tries to take a sharp photograph of moving objects.
Macro Designed to take close-ups.
Landscape Takes sharp photos so things at a distance are in focus.
Sunset Shoots good photos of the bright sunset.
Night View Keeps city lights bright but the night sky dark.
Hand-held Twilight Enables you to take hand-held photos at night.
Night Portrait Takes photos of people at night.