Change Lenses on Your Digital Camera - dummies

By Doug Sahlin

If you have a digital SLR camera, you change lenses based on your artistic vision and the subject or scene you’re photographing. Changing lenses is simple: You push a button and twist the lens to remove it from the camera, align the lens you’re going to use with a dot on the camera body, and twist it until it locks into place.

With a Canon camera, you twist the lens counterclockwise to remove it, and you twist it clockwise to lock it into place. The direction in which you twist a lens on a Nikon camera is clockwise to remove it and counterclockwise to lock it into place.

When you change lenses, make sure you have the new lens aligned perfectly. It will lock into position with a gentle twist of the wrist. It you have to force the lens, it is not aligned properly. If you force a lens that is not aligned properly, you can damage the lens and the camera body.

Always turn the camera off before you change lenses. If you don’t, the current running through the sensor can set up a charge and act like a dust magnet. Never change lenses when it’s windy or when you’re in a dusty environment. When confronted with these challenges, go inside a car or building to change lenses.