Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Wide-Angle Lens - dummies

Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Wide-Angle Lens

Don’t be lulled by the creative opportunities wide-angle lenses offer you and your digital camera. You can use a wide-angle lens to create some arresting photos, but wide-angle lenses can also cause some photographic catastrophes. Avoid these pitfalls:

1Avoid skewed horizontal and vertical lines.

Watch those horizons and the vertical lines of buildings so they don’t look skewed in your photos. Keep the camera level as much as possible.

2Watch proportions.

Because wide-angle lenses exaggerate the relative size of objects close to the camera, you can end up with weird proportions in your photos.

3Don’t let lens defects ruin your photos.

Wide-angle lenses may add purple or cyan glows around backlit subjects.

4Avoid vignetting.

Camera add-ons may actually intrude into the picture area with wide-angle lenses.

5Watch that flash.

Your digital SLR’s built-in electronic flash might not spread wide enough to cover the full frame of a wide-angle lens. Use a diffuser or wide-angle adapter over your flash.