How to Photograph Fireworks - dummies

How to Photograph Fireworks

Maybe you’ve avoided taking pictures of fireworks with your digital camera because you thought capturing photos of fireworks’ bursts of color was too difficult. The secret to shooting fireworks is to do a little planning.

1Choose your spot.

You can position yourself up close and capture the display from underneath the exploding canopy, or you can get farther back and shoot the fireworks against a skyline. Just avoid a view that’s obstructed by buildings, trees, or very tall fellow observers.

2Use a tripod.

Set your camera on a tripod so that it remains rock-steady during exposures that can last several seconds.

3Evaluate your photos.

Take a few pictures at the beginning of the display and check your exposures.

4Use longer exposures.

This allows you to capture multiple bursts in one frame.

5Shoot Camera Raw images.

By taking Camera Raw photos, you can adjust exposure and other parameters when you import the image into your photo editor.

6Don’t use noise reduction.

Turn noise reduction off. The extra time required to create the noise reduction “dark frame” can cause you to miss the next blast-off.