GoPro Cameras: Mastering Protune (Hero4, Hero3+ Black Edition) - dummies

GoPro Cameras: Mastering Protune (Hero4, Hero3+ Black Edition)

By John Carucci

Although a GoPro camera can do amazing stuff, it still behaves like a point-and-shoot camera. You have little power when it comes to focus and exposure, so you need to live with the footage that the camera captures. Most of the time, the camera renders the scene pretty accurately, but if you’re an advanced user looking for a little more control, consider using Protune mode.

Here are some of the benefits of turning it on:

  • High-quality image capture: When you turn on Protune, the high data increases, so you capture images with less compression, and ultimately better quality.

  • Neutral color: More accurately, it’s flatter to provide flexibility during post-production color correction. It also captures more detail in shadows and highlights.

  • Film/TV frame-rate standard: Offers more choices for image capture, including the cinema-quality 24 frames per second (fps) setting.

  • Compatibility with other effects: Activating Protune provides more control over camera settings such as resolution and frame rate, which can affect field of view. You can also simultaneously capture video and still images.

How does Protune work?

Protune puts a little more power in your hands. For one thing, image quality improves because it increases the data rate by more than double. That reduces image compression, thus reducing or eliminating imperfections in the video such as artifacting. Examples of artifacting include jagged edges, showing blocks of pixels, and posterization.

Protune also offers advanced controls. You have a little more control of your footage when you can alter settings such as white balance, exposure, field of view, and color.

In addition, Protune lets you shoot at a more cinema-friendly 24 frames per second (fps). It’s not that big a deal for most video shooters, but when you intend to match GoPro footage with other footage captured at 24 fps, such as for a movie, the function is invaluable.

Enable Protune on your GoPro

Casual users probably won’t want to or need to reap the benefits of Protune. But if you’re looking for more quality and better control, you may want to turn it on.

Just follow these steps:

  1. With your GoPro powered up, navigate to the Settings menu.

    Press the Power/Mode button to cycle through menus until you reach the Settings menu, the one with the wrench icon.

  2. Press the Shutter/Select button to select it.

  3. Press the Power/Mode button to cycle through settings until you reach Protune.

  4. Select Protune by pressing the Shutter/Select button.

    Make sure that the Protune slider is in the on position on the app.