Getting Started with Your GoPro - dummies

By John Carucci

Part of GoPro Cameras For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From the time you take your GoPro out of the box, you embark on a magical journey that transforms “impossible to capture” into your next video. To use the camera effectively, however, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how it works. Although using the GoPro isn’t rocket science, the instructions are a bit more detailed than what you’ll find on a bottle of your favorite shampoo, because the GoPro operates differently from every other camera you’ve used.

Here are a few pointers for getting started:

  • Take great care when removing your GoPro from the package. You could damage the camera or mount if you rip it out.

  • Be sure to set the correct date and time. Don’t make your camera the modern-day version of a blinking VCR.

  • Download the GoPro Apps. They let you control the camera with your smartphone, edit your movies, and share your masterpieces. If you don’t have the GoPro apps, go to GoPro.

  • Use a fast-enough media card. Nothing is worse than trying to capture video on a card that stops recording after a few seconds because it’s not fast enough. Use a Class 10 card or faster, and make sure that it has the biggest capacity you can afford.