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Creating Stylish Movies with GoPro Filter Effects

By John Carucci

GoPro Studio Edit provides an easy way to transform a few GoPro clips into a movie. That movie can take on a more creative look, thanks to the program’s preset effects.

Here are a few filters to consider using for your next movie.


If you want to make your movie look vintage, but not too vintage, try the 1970s effect. The film emulsions of that era produced color that was faded and slightly warm at the same time.

Situations in which this filter works well include

  • Shooting people wearing vintage clothes: This can bring the viewer back to the era of bell bottoms and puffy shirts.

  • Brightening up a dull scene: The exciting skateboard video you captured the other day seems dull now because it was shot on an overcast day. This filter can make it feel more alive.

  • Juxtaposing with other presets: You can use more than one preset on the same clip. For example, you can apply a 4:3 Center Crop to 1970s filter or a vignette to Sepia.

Day for Night

Maybe you want to exaggerate the appearance of your movie by making it look as though it was shot at night. This effect is the click of a button away.

Here are some tips:

  • Avoid scenes with light backgrounds. When the background tones are too light, it’s not believable that the scene looks like night.

  • Be aware of shadows. If your video capture has deep shadows, the scene isn’t going to look like night.

  • Look for even light. The clearer the objects in the scene, the better the scene appears to the viewer. Stay away from scenes that have bright spots and dense dark areas.

Night Vision

This cool effect makes for a compelling movie when it’s used sparingly. It provides an eerie greenish cast that resembles footage seen through night vision goggles. You can’t record images in the dark, but you can make it look as though you did.

You can create the following effects for your footage with Night Vision:

  • Surveillance: Provides the appearance of low-quality footage reconnaissance footage.

  • Night-vision goggles: Emulates the effects of capturing a scene in total darkness, as though the viewer were wearing night-vision goggles.

  • Horror: Adds a frightening look to a movie.


This brownish filter can give your footage the look and feel of an old movie. Here are some ideas for using it:

  • Make an old-time movie. The unique perspective of a GoPro and its ability to go into small areas makes it perfect for shooting an old-style slapstick comedy.

  • Use it as a creative device. Some situations simply don’t require color, especially when that color is drab. The Sepia effect can make a boring scene look more interesting.

  • Create a vintage movie. By combining the Sepia effect with one of the vignette filters, you can re-create the look and feel of a vintage film. Add a few title cards and some music, too.